What to expect from this program

Integrating Chinese Medicine

into Massage Therapy

This is a truly unique program. In it, you can expect to learn not only TONS of hands-on skills that you will be able to integrate with any other bodywork modality that you practice, but also practices in mindful body mechanics, embodied presence, self-acupressure, Chinese self-massage and guided meditation. Integrating Chinese Medicine is not just continuing education in massage techniques; it is an inner journey.

In every class, and in home practice each week, you will have the opportunity to utilize self-acupressure, Aroma Acutouch Therapy, Chinese self-massage, and Chi circulation meditation techniques to nourish your inner journey. You then become a testimony to the depth and power of these Chinese healing techniques. From your own experience, you will understand when and how to apply these techniques in your sessions with clients to address their concerns, imbalances or limitations to health and well-being.

Open Pathways' approach is truly holistic, a learning path in recognition that physical tension, pain or dis-ease is never separate from Chi stagnation, emotional imbalance or a lack in spiritual nourishment. For our clients to live a life of optimal health, vitality and well-being, we as massage therapists, need to work with not just the body, but the human being, addressing every level within our scope of practice.

In Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy, you will discover not just the physical uses or functions of Acupressure points, Meridians and the Five Elements, you will find out how each can balance the mental-emotional or spiritual levels of being to address the source of your clients' tension and pain.

Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage gives you a strong foundation in Chinese Meridian and Five Element Theory, as well as a blend of techniques, including Jin Shin Acupressure, Meridian Massage, and Aroma Acutouch Therapy to expand your work into integrative health care.

This program includes 5 courses and offers a total of

105 NCBTMB-Approved CE hours

15 Hours Acupressure's Potent Points for Common Complaints

  • Learn Acupressure's Potent Points to address what your clients most need: relief for shoulder-neck tension, low backache, insomnia, fatigue, weak immunity and stress
  • Discover that each of these points balances the Shen (mental-emotional body), as well as benefits the physical body
  • Discover ways to integrate Acupressure into any bodywork modality
  • Practice self-care using acupressure to cultivate your vitality

24 Hours Chinese Meridian Acupressure

  • Learn 12 Organ Meridian pathways as well as physical, mental and emotional functions for each
  • Discover potent points to balance and revitalize the Meridians
  • Explore signs and symptoms of Meridian imbalances how to use Acupressure to restore balance on every level of being
  • Balance your Meridian system with Chinese self-massage and self-Acupressure along these Chi pathways

20 Hours Meridian Massage Therapy

  • Learn diverse massage techniques from China and Japan to balance and stimulate Meridian Chi flow
  • Integrate Eastern joint mobilization and stretches into your practice to open the "gateways" (joints) to enhance Chi circulation
  • Tie together the theory and skills learned in this program for a truly integrative approach to health blending East with West in your bodywork

22 Hour2 Balancing the Chinese Five Elements

  • Learn Five Element theory including functions, virtues, and spirits of the Elements
  • Asses physical, emotional and spiritual signs and symptoms of Element imbalance
  • Use Acupressure and essential oil application to restore Element balance
  • Discover the energetics of essential oils
  • Practice Aroma Acutouch sequences for each Element on yourself and others

24 Hour Chinese Acupressure to Regulate the Five Element Cycles

  • Explore the relationship between the Elements with the Breeding and Control Cycles
  • Deepen your knowledge of the functions and uses of the 60 Command Points
  • Learn the Transfer of Chi technique to balance the relationship between the Elements
  • Understand how to address more complex health concerns among your clients using both Acupressure and essential oils

When you enroll in Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy Program, you receive more for less!

You will receive these 3 bonuses:


Save $130 when you enroll in the program, instead of the 5 classes individually!


Staying Healthy with Chinese Medicine

in which you will learn tools and techniques, including Aroma Acutouch Therapy and Herbs, for cold and flu season.


which includes a Five Elements assessment and 1 FREE herbal formula.

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