What to expect in this course:

Balancing the Nervous System

Using Aroma Acupressure and Herbs


In this course, we will explore nervous system imbalances from the perspective of Chinese Medicine. In Chinese terminology, a tense nervous system is expressed as Constrained Chi; a weak one, as Deficient Chi. 

We will discuss several manifestations of Constrained Chi: shoulder/neck tension, insomnia due to racing mind, digestive tension, hypervigilance and menstrual tension. 

Likewise, we will explore a variety of manifestations of Deficient Chi: fatigue, low immunity, weak digestion, poor memory/concentration, and lack of motivation. 

To address these imbalances, we will look at the energetics of essential oils, specific acupressure points to address these imbalances, and a system called Aroma Aucpressure in which the energetic of the oil is matched to the vibration of a point for a synergistic effect on the body’s movement back to balance. Students will have the opportunity to learn Aroma Acupressure sequences for each of the nervous system imbalances listed above.

Further, we will dive into herbs, learning individual and formulated herbs for each of the nervous system imbalances.

This class will include hands-on practice time of Aroma Acupressure on both the self and a model client, each week. 

In this 20-hour online course, you will:

  • Learn about nervous system imbalances, both tense and weak, from the perspective of Chinese Medicine
  • Explore the varied manifestations of a tense and a weak nervous system, and how to address them using Acupressure, Aromatherapy and Herbs
  • Dive into the energetics of essential oils and herbs
  • Work with the Principle of Resonance, matching the energetic of the plant with the vibration of a particular Acupressure point for more synergistic healing
  • Develop the foundation for a private practice in Integrative Health Care in which you able to address your clients’ complaints using not only massage, but also Aroma Acupressure and Herbs 

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